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About Us

Our bespoke frames are made using a technique known as conservation framing so you can be assured that we will look after your cherished items. All of our framing staff are professionally trained and uphold the highest standards.

Garrison Framing @ Garrison PRI has been offering a picture framing service since 2013. The picture framing workshop is based in our Larkhill branch where you can access a full range of framing services including glass replacement. We don't have civilian access.

Frame joined with an underpinner

Some of Our Favorite Frames

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  • Old Flag Fremed
  • Triangle Flag Frame
  • Rome Pastels
  • Miniture Flag Framing
  • Rugby Shirt 3D Frame
  • Cross Stitch Stretched & Framed

This flag was framed when it came to the end of its useful life. We used a wooden backing and toughened glass. The flag is attached to the board in such a way that it can be easily removed in the future, without any damage to this historic item.


Triangular frames are deceptively difficult to make. We made this one to accommodate the flag from a fallen soldier’s coffin after it was presented to the bereaved family. Just one of the personal jobs we have done that leave a lasting impression. We have permission from the family to share this story.


The shapes cut into the mount make these three pastel pictures from a Plaza market in Rome quite a striking piece.


Something different – An ideal colour service presentation. Stunning handmade flags are 24 inches long. Any Regiment or unit can be made to order. The lead time can be up to 8 weeks so order early.


Your shirt is attached to the board in such a way that it can be easily removed in the future. We NEVER use glue.


After all the time and effort you put into your stitching don't leave them hidden away in a drawer. Bring them in to us and we will frame them for you. This is one of a set of three.

We help you decide

We will help you choose the right mount and frame, out of the hundreds available, to make the most of your item. The right combination of mount and frame can really make your picture POP!

Miltery Framing

Bring in your items

Mount Boards

Choose the mount

Frame Mouldings

Choose the Frame

Mess Presentation

Leave the Rest to us

Why Choose Us ?

We take the time to do the little things that make a big difference to the finished frame.

Frame Making

Corner Joints

We use an industrial pneumatic under pinner combined with traditional wood glue to give a long lasting, tight and strong joint. We also apply professional finishing techniques make the joins as seamless as possible.

Conservation Framing


When appropriate for the piece we make a ‘package’, this is made by sealing together the glass and back board with the mount and artwork inside. This prevents dust and bugs getting onto the art. If you want a package please let us know.

Ready to hang


We know you will be excited to put your frame straight on to the wall when you get home. When you pick up your frame it will be strung with stretch free cord on the back and ready to hang. The parts are not just taped to the back in a plastic packet. Some larger frames will be supplied with mounting brackets, when cord is just not strong enough.

Conservation methods


We use bumpers on the bottom corners of the frame. This helps prevent the frames scraping the wall.

Framing Services

Cross Stitch Frames
Cross Stitch & Embroidery

After all the time and effort you put into your stitching or embroidery don't leave them hidden away in a drawer. Bring them in to us and we will frame them for you.

Children's Drawings

It would be impractical to frame every one of your child's drawings and paintings. But take some time to choose one or two of your favorites. Bring them in to us and we will help you pick out the perfect frame.

Kids Art Framing
Flag Framing
Miniature Flags

If your looking for a presentation that's different look at our unique framed miniature flags, these are top quality flags are about 24 inches across. You can have yours made to order, call us to enquire.
Telephone : 01980 633806

We also make and frame full size flags, contact us for a quote.

Sports Shirt Frames

When we frame shirts we do so in a way which allows you to remove the shirt in the future without it being damaged in any way. You never know you might want to wear it.

Sport Shirt Framing
Framed Badges
Embroidered Badges

We have an extensive range of badges and logos both machine embroidered or hand made using traditional bullion wire techniques. If you want us to produce your logo or badge in this way then please send us a picture and we will make it happen for you.
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When framing photographs the aim is to almost make the frame disappear so the focus is on the photo. The right frame and mount can draw the eye to the subject. With the abundance of photos on social media don't forget to print a few special ones and pop them in frames.

Photography Framing
Fine Art Frames

It's important to frame art properly using conservation materials and methods. You don't want to be left with acid damage.

Warrants & Certificates

These also need to framed with conservation material. Long before we set up a framing shop, my husbands Warrant was framed by a local framer using 'masking tape'. 10 years later the acid marks were clearly visible. It's been reframed since but the damage is done and is irreversible.

Warrant Framing
Medal Framing
Medals & Military

We can frame medals individually or as a set with or without court mounting. If you need access to your medals then we can also make a unique access door so you can easily get to your medals. If you have a collection of items you would like framed we can help you lay them out to make them look their best.

Not forgetting

Engraved Plates

Engraved Brass Plates

Our in-house engraving service means if you want a brass plate instead of a text box you don't have to run around getting one yourself. The engraved plates go on the mount behind the glass so they don't look like an after thought.

Mount Board Cutting

Just need a mount

If you just want a mount board cutting, no problem we will cut a custom mount on our computerised mount cutter.

Glass Replacement

Replacement Glass Cutting

If you have broken glass in one of your picture frames we can provide replacement glass. We also offer frame repairs.

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Additional Services

Engraved Port


Engraving is carried out in our sister shop at Larkhill. You can order and collect in Bulford. We engrave on a variety of materials including brass cart cases and glass.

Engraved port bottles are a popular choice for presentations. Prices from £27.50 each.

Custom Printed Mugs

Custom Mugs

Custom mugs are one of our best sellers, we have a wide range of colours available and each mugs can be customized with a name or job title. Prices start from £4.50 each.

Embossed Notebooks

Embossed Notebooks

Send us your unit or business logo and we can sort out custom notebooks for you. There is no set up fee for orders of 10 or more.

Qty A5 A4
1 - 9 £ 14.95 £ 17.50
10 - 24 £ 12.95 £ 15.50
25 - 49 £ 10.95 £ 13.50
50 - 99 £ 8.95 £ 11.50
100+ £ 7.95 £ 9.50