Bulford Picture Framing

Bespoke conservation picture framing

Medal Framing

We are experienced in framing medals, we can frame them individually or as a set with or without court mounting. If you need access to your medals then we can also make a unique access door so you can easily get to your medals.


Flags can be tricky to deal with and framers often turn them away. We will talk you through the available options when framing large items to come up with a framing solution you are happy with.


If you or a family member have a special certificate that you are proud of then why not have it framed and displayed where it will be safe and sound for years to come, after all you have earned it why let it gather dust in a draw or in a box in your attic? We offer a quick turnaround time for framed Warrants and commissioning certificates.

We're not just a framers


Engraving is carried out in our sister shop at Larkhill. You can order and collect in Bulford. We engrave on a variety of materials including brass cart cases and glass.

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Bring the photos you want framed in on a CD or USB and we can print them to any size up to 45cm cross.

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No one chooses to get something framed unless it means the world to them.

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